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Coral Springs, Florida

I am a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school. I am a Indo/ Caribbean American who has a passion for expressing my culture and learning about distinct religions/cultures around the world. I am the Debate Parliamentarian, DECA VP of Competition, and President of Indian Student Association at my school. I aspire to major in political science and minor in economics.  I am a leader in my community who aspires to make a change in society and make the world a better place. I believe as youth we need to take action to make our planet safer and cleaner. Climate change has truly been a major factor in the harming of this planet. We as youth need to take a stand and fight for climate action. Put a tax on carbon emissions and decrease our carbon footprint. We need to advocate for the decrease in fossil fuel burning and the chopping down of our forests. I want to know that I had the privilege and opportunity to take action. The negative impact of climate change needs to be mitigated like rising temperatures. Arguing the issue of climate change at different congressional debate  tournaments, it is time to transform my words into effort. From a local to a state wide region I think it is imperative to take into consideration the small things count. Let us be the generation  to achieve our endeavor of responding climate action.

My name is Ebin Mathew and I am the Chapter Leader for the Tampa Bay Area. I am a freshman at the University of South Florida studying Bio-Medical Sciences. I hope to, one day, work on the front lines saving lives each and every day. In the meantime, I have decided to join the fight against climate change. Climate change will be the long term defining moment which can change the course of human history. It will literally determine if our children, grandchildren, and descendants will have a place to call their homes. That is why we have a responsibility to leave our planet better than how we got it. I have decided to join this initiative to raise awareness of the severity of the climate crisis so that people can start fixing our environment.  As former Secretary of State John Kerry best put it “Climate change is real. The science is compelling. And the longer we wait, the harder the problem will be to solve”.




Tampa Bay, Florida

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