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Our Planet. Our Action. Our Legacy.

"To promote a generational collective initiative to protect our earth, and to build a more substantial future, through popularizing reaching out to policy makers, maintaining an open forum to discuss issues pertinent to marginalized communities, and by enforcing these ideals through motivating students to delegitimize the stereotype that they are too young to make a tangible change to our society." 

Turtle in the Reef

what we do

Last Generation

Climate change is by far one of the most urgent and compelling challenges of our time. If we don't start reducing our net carbon emissions NOW, there is a good chance that our planet could be irrevocably harmed. This organization is made up of youth from around the world to make sure that this doesn't happen. If all the youth could come together as one, nothing could stand in our way - including our elected officials, lobbying groups, and the oil & gas industry. 

Our Planet.

This planet isn't just meant for our political leaders. As humans, we have an equal say in our environment and should be leading the fight to save it. Irrespective of our age, socioeconomic status, race, or background, we need to realize that when we see the worst of climate change, it's going to affect us all. That is why it's only fitting to put our differences aside and fight for the collective good. If we can do that, there is nothing that can stop us. Not even our politicians.

Our Action. 

Due to COVID, much of our action has been moved to the virtual setting. But, we have adapted to this and we have come up with other ways to get involved. The most important part is EDUCATION. Through student-led research and innovation, we encourage students from around the world to speak our and spread their knowledge about the impacts of climate change. We also plan on conducting forums and virtual lobby meetings with our elected officials.

Our Legacy.

We don't have any time to waste now. At the rate we are currently going, mitigation and adaptation is not acceptable. With important policy recommendations like a central carbon fee and dividend, the ReCLAIM and ReWIND Act, and the BEST Act, we can save the world for our future children. But, we can't reach that goal without everyone's support - both young and old. It's time we take back our planet and form our own legacy.

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