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Hey everyone! My name is Aryan Ranjan and I am an incoming freshman at Columbia University in the City of New York. If you are reading this, I applaud you for taking the time out of your busy lives to take a look at our phenomenal organization. I firmly believe that climate change is a defining moment not only for our generation but for all the generations to come. That is why I created an organization that could bring together millions of children who yearn for immediate climate action - whether it's by cutting down our carbon emissions, cleaning up our beaches, or marching on the streets for political action. I think that if we can come together as one, nothing can stop us from putting an end to the climate crisis once and for all. If you value your children, your health, and your planet, I hope you consider joining our organization. With your help, we can lead the climate movement to new heights!






My name is Carly Gottlieb, and I am Co-Director of The Last Generation! As Co-Director, I will be working alongside Aryan and Danielle to ensure that our organization runs smoothly and efficiently. I have plenty of leadership experience and at American Heritage, I am also one of the co-Presidents of the Climate Change Club. I am passionate about preserving our natural earth, and about creating a more sustainable future for all species. Becoming vegetarian at 13, and vegan at 14, I am dedicated to animal welfare, and its connection to reducing the rate of climate change- starting with the food that we eat. I believe that by collectively making small choices to reduce out footprints on Earth, we can all make a positive difference and aid in the fight against climate change.




My passion for learning, advocating, and working to reduce global warming originally stemmed out of my undeniable love for shopping. Once I came to the understanding of how such a common activity was in fact causing so much harm to our planet - the fast fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual carbon emissions - I was shocked. It soon made me think of all the other actions we nonchalantly participate in throughout our  everyday lives - from eating meat at dinner to filling up our cars with gas on our commutes to school. Although my big-picture goals involve advocating for policy changes that facilitate climate change, I hope our club helps others make the transition into a more sustainable lifestyle by rethinking their unknowingly harmful habits.


Hello, my name is Umar Hussain and I am also the vice president of the Climate Change Club at American Heritage School. It was this position that got me interested in the Last Generation initiative due to its ability to create real change. I have also been an avid member of Congressional debate, which has led me to conduct extensive research into the planet and how we affect it. This event really opened up my eyes to climate change, and the lack of knowledge regarding the subject. Through the Last Generation, I hope to be able to spread awareness about how destructive our actions to the planet really are, and exactly how little time we have left to put an end to the destruction. With the ability to partner with other organizations, I am finally a part of an organization that will build connections to fight climate change.


Lieutenant Director


Hey everyone! I started my activism in 2017 when I protested at the March for Science in Washington, D.C.. The March for Science emphasized the work of scientists and the need for nonpartisanship in terms of the facts and data that shape our laws. Most emphatically though, we were fighting for climate scientists. Probably the most imminent and dangerous long-term threat to the human race isn’t nuclear war, or a global pandemic — it’s climate change. As Vice President of the Climate Change Club and no Lieutenant Director of The Last Generation, I want to continue the energy and vitality of our youth climate movement and inspire others to use their voices and opinions as influence for creating a better world. Being a climate activist, perhaps any sort of activist, is daunting, because the issue at hand can seem so big, and chanting a call for action can seem so minute. However, through organizations such as these, we can show young activists that the first voice begins the progress of a movement.


Lieutenant Director


My name is Julia Baran, and I am one of the two Communications Officers. Although I have always been passionate about protecting our environment, I became aware of the extremity of our situation only after collecting data for a research project in 9th grade. Thereafter, I made it my goal to join organizations and spread awareness to the public which would promote leaving a positive impact on earth. Through my own efforts in recycling, reducing automobile pollution, and advocating for change, my mission is to influence those around me to do the same. If we can come together as a community and address the issue at hand, hopefully we can demand policy change within the government and leave future generations with a stable environment. 

JULIA BARAN, Communications Director


As Co-Communications Director of the Climate Chang Club at American Heritage and The Last Generation, I hope to use my platform within this and other groups to inform the public of the rapid deterioration of our climate. I believe that if we can recognize that climate change is an issue plaguing our world and take action as soon as humanly possible, we can save our Earth.


Communications Director



Policy Director

Hey everyone! My name is Aurora, and I serve as the political lobbying director for The Last Generation! Through Speech & Debate, I have been introduced to several climate issues plaguing the world that would require legislation to fix. After seeing how our Congress handles the problem, I believe that if we truly want change, it is up to our generation to create. I hope that we will be able to successfully discuss bills with representatives, mayors, and officials in the near future. Overall, I am excited to see everything we can achieve through TLG as we do our best to save our planet! Feel free to reach out if need be! :)



Policy Director

Hi I’m Christian Rodriguez, a senior at American Heritage Plantation. The lack of interest and concern over the death of our planet due to climate change is shocking, and I truly believe a grassroots movement such as this is necessary to bring much needed attention to issue of environmental degradation. It is so important that everyone, not just environmentalists, understands the gravity of the situation at hand, and I hope to spread this information to as many people as possible.


SARAH DUFAYS, Literary Director

My name is Sarah Dufays, and I am one of two Literary Outreach Directors at The Last Generation. From my youngest age, I have had the privilege of being exposed to the crucial issue of climate change, nowadays occurring at an unprecedented rate. Starting as early as middle school, I became increasingly concerned as to how human activities had become the leading cause of climate change in little over a few decades. I felt alarmed at how few influential people seemed to care, or do anything else than spread propaganda without any actions to back up their claims. For this reason, I have chosen to become an activist for one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. We are in a pivotal moment in history where we have a very short amount of time to fix the damages we have incited on this earth - our only earth. The Last Generation believes it is the perfect moment to push awareness of the severity of this crisis, reach out to officials, and encourage people to do their part to keep humanity’s mistakes from being irreversible. It is up to us to create a change, because if our climate can change, so can we.



Literary Director

Hi, my name is Shana Xia and I am a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. I’ve always been passionate about what we can do as individuals to lessen our climate impact on the Earth, and as a society to do the same. Aside from voting, one of the most powerful ways to call for change in the way our government handles the environment is to use our words and get our voices heard, which is one of the reasons why I joined The Last Generation as the Co- Literary Outreach Director. I also believe in giving back to the community whenever I can, which is why I’m Co-President of my school’s Key Club and Vice President of our National Honor Society. Some other things that I’m involved in include varsity swim, mock trial, and classical piano. But no matter how many other things we’re committed to, I believe we all have a responsibility to care for the Earth. After all, if the climate can change, why can’t we?

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Hi! My name is Mary and my hobbies include debate, Model UN, and studying international relations & law. My position as a volunteer director requires that I make sure everyone stays committed to this wonderful cause. As a climate activist in Florida, I've witnessed the impacts of rising sea levels and sever weather events. I strongly believe in the fact that change can be made through perseverance and determination. All I hope to achieve is getting more youth to believe they CAN use their voices, and make a change in this world - no matter how small. I can't wait to work with you all!

MARY ABI-KARAM, Volunteer Director

I’m William Chan, the treasurer of this organization. I don’t usually find myself at the forefront of activist groups like these, but climate change is an issue that everyone should be invested in. No matter your age or interests, there is always something you can do to help fight for the planet that we all call home. As both a mathematical and legal enthusiast, I look forward to working with this group to encourage effective legislation that also takes the science behind climate change into account. 



Field Director

Hello! My name is Andrew DiStefano. I am the ICC representative for The Climate Change Club and Field Director of The Last Generation. Due to my love of sports and outdoor activities, I have always cared about preserving the environment for the enjoyment of future generations. I look forward to working towards a more eco-friendly future! If you guys have any questions about setting up local chapters or anything like that, I'm your guy!

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Logistics Director

Hi! My name is Liana Melwani. I've always had a real passion for the environment and am always interested in finding new ways to help it. At American Heritage, I am also the Secretary of the Climate Change Club. I hope to help come up with different potential solutions to improve climate change and its effects on the world! Can't wait to work with you all! 






Technology Director

Hey, I'm Jai and I am a rising senior at American Heritage High School in Plantation Florida. I am very interested in how the climate affects the global economy and how future policies concerning the climate will affect global growth. Additionally, I am an advocate for ending environmental racism and passing policies which are not based on preconceived biases. In my free time I love to watch sports and try new foods. I look forward to working with all of you to help promote politicians to see climate change as an ever-growing threat!

Sam - HS.jpeg

Hi! I'm Sam. I have always wanted to be part of something bigger and I'm glad that I can play a part as the graphic designer for The Last Generation. I go to Spanish River High School in South Florida and have a leadership role on the basketball team, but I also love to use photoshop! Graphic design gives me an outlet to express my creativity and also help others. I was even able to start a business of my own through it, and it has given me the opportunity to expand my reach and offer my support to others! I feel that climate change is such a serious issue that deserves much more attention on a global level and that if we all come together, we can find an efficient solution for the generations to come!


Graphics Director

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Hey everyone. My name is Aayushi and I am a rising sophomore at American Heritage High School in Boca Raton, Florida. I think it's really important for younger students to understand the severity of climate change, and as Junior Director, I hope to teach them not only the impacts of climate change but possible solutions to the problem as well. After all, each and every single one of us has an important role to play if we want to save our planet for our grandchildren. 

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